Moose (bluegirlcasey) wrote,

I have found the cure.

Damn, I haven't been on this bitch in aaaages. I forgot it existed. I'm working on a new layout. This one is pretty stupid. I's 3:30 am, so I doubt it'll get done tonight.

Matt and I are still together. It's almost been 15 months. I love him to death. <3

I honestly didn't think anyone still used LiveJournal except Emo kids. No one really wants to be Emo, though. If you're on my friendslist and you find this offensive, please, by all means, unadd me. And while you're at it, leave me mean messages. I honestly don't care. ( Apparently the Emo types get very sensative when one says something that sounds kind of offensive about them.)

Shiiiiiz, Taxi is on. Mmm, I could really use some ice cream right now.

Fair time! I get to babysit! I make less than minimum wage and do absolutely nothing.

I have to go sleep. It is late and whatnot.
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